Robert Terrazas

- Director Digital Media

Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles and in the era of the World Wide Web, AOL, Myspace, Live Journal, and Ask Jeeves it only made sense that Robert’s career would be in the digital industry. Robert’s love of photography and digital media began early in his childhood. At the age of sixteen, Robert bought his first DSLR and began to experiment with the art of photography, focusing on his family and friends as his muse. His friends never knew his quirky passion for photography would lead to such a successful career. Eventually Robert’s talent led to work in digital media and photography, providing his sought-out services for weddings, fashion, blogs, education, food, and now immigration, which has been his primary focus for the past four years. Robert diversified his talents as he engaged in design for content, logos and art projects.

Robert’s inspiration is also drawn from his experiences in Los Angeles, where there is never a dull a moment. These experiences include attending art walk in downtown, to the early electronic club scene, live concerts at the beach, and so on. In his free time Robert continues to enjoy his days at the beach, hiking, taking small road trips with friends for the weekend, playing call of duty and learning new skills. Robert engages his creativity and skills everyday to develop new social media content that is cutting edge, on target and serves to inform and entertain our clients.