Valentin Bourguet

- Director of Communication – Latin American Division

Born in Mendoza, Argentina, Valentin grew up in a country where strong relationships between family and friends is an integrated part of the culture. In this warm context, immigrants’ stories are always present in Argentina’s social infrastructure made by immigrants from all over the world. The familiarity with immigrants’ dreams, challenges, and achievements is key to understanding and leading their projects. Valentin gained this priceless knowledge from an early age.

Although at some point in his life he was torn between being a fighter pilot or a psychologist, his passion for the law prevailed. After earning his law degree and a post graduate degree in Corporate Law he worked for two years as Fellow Professor in Public International Law. At the same time, he was a partner in a boutique business law firm until he moved to the United States.

Once in the United States, he attended to the prestigious USC Gould School of Law earning his Masters in International Law. That experience had a tremendous impact in his career giving him the chance to interact with prominent scholars and talented professionals from all over the world. As an important contributor to the success of Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys, now he brings all his expertise and energy to shape the GIG law firm.

Living in different places and travelling the world has given him a unique perspective in understanding diverse cultures to guide clients’ dreams and projects. In his free time, Valentin is passionate about off roading, sports, and reading. Valentin is a wine enthusiastic, which honors the culture of his ancestors, place of origin, and California.