Jonathan Nathaniel Von Rios

- Chief Information Officer

When not focused on molding his three young son’s into future teen heartthrobs’ Jonathan Rios is the Chief Information Officer for The Gig Law Firm.

A 2002 graduate of perennial prep school St. John Bosco, Jonathan then went on to complete his undergraduate degree at Cal State University of Long Beach. Shortly thereafter he was hired on as the Head of Finance for Los Angeles Immigration Attorney’s. During his tenure the company experienced tremendous growth. In a few short years LAIA rose to become a regional titan in the field of immigration law, providing legal services to thousands of clients each year across the United States. The firm is frequently featured in Spanish language media as one of the most reputable and successful immigration law firms. This reputation along with the sales and customer service pipeline are two elements that contributed to this success. In 2016, while still maintaining his role with Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys, Jonathan became President of MNM LLC, a business management agency with a focus on optimizing the financial revenue and growth of developing businesses.

When asked to describe his talents for this website, Jonathan noted: “I’m a lot like Dr. Dre…Say an Artist (company) comes into the studio with their vision. I immerse myself into their culture (current polices) lay down some fresh beats, (infrastructure) polish up the lyrics, (team) and before you know it BAM! We are making platinum selling albums together”

Jonathan brings his successful persona, his innovative thnking and his proven ability to build a sustainable business to the Gig Law Firm. His unseen contributions drive us forward every day and he makes sure to let us know what we need to do to reach our goals.