- Attorney

Mitzi is the daughter of immigrants- she firsthand saw her parents fulfill their American dream. Her parents started their business in their garage, growing it into a multi-million-dollarcompany.  As a child, you would find Mitzi working for her parents on the weekend and during summer break.  At the age of ten, in her true entrepreneurial self, Mitzi set-up a food stand to feed all her parent’s workers.  For Mitzi, there was always an opportunity for business.  By college, Mitzi was a full-time student, co-owner of a restaurant, lead sales/buyer of her parents’company, and worked part-time at a disability law firm.

Mitzi’s hard work ethic is engrained in her character and has attributed to her success.  As the Senior Attorney of the Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys, Mitzi has been instrumental in the continued success of its legal department.  Mitzi brings the same thirst for organization and business opportunities to the GIG Law Firm.

In Mitzi’s past life, she believes she was a Spanish adventurer who started her life in Barcelona and traveled the world-she embraces this.  Mitzi lived in Greece for one year and has traveled all over the world- Australia, Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hawaii, and many more adventures she is looking forward to.  On her free time, you can find Mitzi biking, hiking, surfing, running, and enjoying everything California has to offer. Her motto is to actually live her life every day.