Sumeet Lall

- Lead Attorney

Growing up in Los Angeles in the 1980/90’s Sumeet was immersed in the quintessential Southern California lifestyle. From the late-night parties that looked like “Less Than Zero” to the Dodgers, Lakers and the Superbowl Raiders, Los Angeles was the centerpiece for culture, sports and lifestyle. Sumeet attended an engineering school but quickly knew it was not for him. Law school was the perfect fit and allowed Sumeet to excel in a field where personality and smarts mattered.

Fast forward through the years to today, Sumeet has continued that LA lifestyle, minus all the partying of course. With young family in tow Sumeet enjoys the beaches, hiking trails, ski slopes and golf courses all over Southern California. Never forgetting his roots, Sumeet has always embraced his wide Indian family and has been fortunate to work closely with Indian artists, engineers and entrepreneurs in all aspects of the immigration system. Artists with an EB1, STEM graduates with overlapping H1bs, TN visa adjudication difficulties at the border and complex L1A approvals. Over the years, Sumeet has dealt all manner of employment-based cases and faced challenging obstacles at every turn. Today USCIS has forced clients to find a new way to get an approval, a new way to stay in line for the green card and a new way to demonstrate qualifications for an H1b visa. This requires creative thinking and outside the box planning.

Sumeet’s diverse array of experiences in immigration law has always allowed his clients to explore options and feel like they can rely on a trusted resource with the experience to find creative solutions. Sumeet brings focus, detailed knowledge and experience to this practice – all excellent qualities to lead our firm.