Janeth Melchor

- Lead Paralegal

Janeth has always existed as a part of the Los Angeles fabric through her vintage clothing online shop, her rock-a-Billy cosplay and her love for all things chic, fun and classic. That’s the side of Janeth you will see when you find her on a weekend at the swap meet, out with her husband or posting on her IG account. But for us, Janeth is a kick-butt, take no BS paralegal extraordinaire.

As an immigrant herself, Janeth was naturally drawn to a career to immigration law. She has over 15-years’ experience in the immigration field and is committed to continue making everyone’s American dream come true.

Janeth is valued for her ability to anticipate the needs of her clients. A staunch problem-solver, she considers cost, timing and longer-term issues at stake, as immigration decisions can have a reverberating impact even decades into the future. By understanding what is important to each client she serves, Janeth provides customized solutions specific to their business objectives.

Janeth’s enthusiastic and fun personality stems from her love to entertain. She has a notable vintage and Halloween collection; her style takes you back the 1950s. Janeth married her high school sweetheart and together raise a precious English bulldog who survived cancer. If you have a question about immigration law, or just vintage 50’s scene in Los Angeles, give Janeth a call.