Melissa Giselle Granados

- Chief Commercial Officer

Melissa Granados exemplifies the American dream – coming from an immigrant family, Melissa saw her family work hard to build a real and successful business. She learned the lesson of hard work and persistence and how that leads to success. She took that lesson to heart and has never looked back.

Melissa actively participates in the world around her, if she isn’t running the stairs in Santa Monica she is trying out the latest food truck for sushi or tacos. Having spent summers in Lima, Peru Melissa now travels any chance she can get. Her passion for the theatre is also well known, don’t try to one up her on Hamilton- the story of an Immigrant who started from nothing but became one of our founding fathers. Her go-to-quote “Immigrants, we get the job done!"

Melissa is known for “Getting the job done” by her peers. As a founding member of Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys, Melissa quickly moved to a leadership position as the Chief Operations Officer where she drove the small startup to record growth. She was instrumental in the development and implementation of systems, processes, workflows and operational procedures. These systems form the basis for the success that LAIA has experienced as a regional firm that has captured significant market share.

Melissa was recently accepted to the prestigious, UCLA Anderson School of Business and Management as one of the youngest candidates to be admitted. Melissa leads our organization behind the scenes, working with our CEO for internal systems, marketing and growth. Melissa is leader for all things small and large – we value her opinion and rely on her to guide our growth as a firm.