The Value of Researching Your Los Angeles Immigration Law Firm Before Hiring a Lawyer


Not all lawyers are created equally, and this is especially true in the case of immigration law. This is a specialty field that is unique and requires dedicated experience and education to keep up with the complex laws and requirements of immigration in the United States. Hiring the first lawyer that comes up in the search engine is no guarantee that they will be the best person for the job — this simply means that they’re the most effective at marketing themselves to their audience. 

It’s up to individuals to do their own homework when hiring the right legal representation. A little bit of research can go a long way. 

Find Experience and Success

When looking at different law firms, it is important to check out their track record and previous case history. Find testimonials or reviews where firsthand experiences are shared for an inside look at what the law firm or lawyer can offer. People should also consider the types of cases that they work with. For example, even in the case of immigration law, it’s important to ensure that the lawyer is familiar with H1B visas or whatever other type of visa that is being sought. 


Although this might seem obvious to some, it’s often overlooked in a panic to find an attorney. People need to find the best immigration law firm in Los Angeles that is located in and licensed to practice law in L.A., or at least in the State of California. It doesn’t matter what someone’s track record is like if they cannot practice in the state where the individual needs representation, after all. 

Even though the process of visa applications and approvals happens at the federal level, some states have laws or guidelines for how the process can or should take place. Therefore, having a lawyer that is licensed and experienced in a specific state is going to be critical to the outcome. It isn’t enough just to find the best lawyer. People have to find the best local lawyer for the best representation. 

Ask Questions

There is a lot of unknown information for most people going into an immigration case, or any other legal case for that matter. When someone allows themselves the opportunity to research the best immigration lawyer Los Angeles has to offer, they are giving themselves the chance to ask as many questions as they want. If certain things need to be handled during the case, or prior to filing, the lawyer can help. If people just want to know how the process works, they will explain. The best lawyers will have no trouble answering questions and helping people better understand the process, even before they get started or retained. 

Not only will understanding the process make it easier, but it will also make it less stressful for everyone involved. It’s one of the best reasons to take a little time to explore the options and find the right lawyer for the job. When people can ask questions, it also gives them the chance to get a feel for the lawyer and determine not only if they’re the right fit, but to determine if the lawyer is going to give them information “straight up” and not talk in circles with a bunch of jargon that doesn’t help. 

Referrals and Reviews Help, Too

Especially in an area like immigration law, getting insight from others who have gone through the process can be helpful. This includes checking reviews for lawyers and asking for referrals or recommendations from people. Having this kind of information makes it easier to see what an actual case experience will be like. Plus, hearing it from another individual can make it easier to understand and more believable than just hearing it from the law firm themselves. 

When it comes to immigration lawyers, it is crucial to check on their track record and experience with the specific type of visa that is in question or needed. Some immigration lawyers are capable of handling just about any case because of their years of experience. Others might have more experience in one place or another or a better track record of success with certain types of visas or cases. That’s important to note when it comes to something as serious as immigration. 

How Can a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer Help with an H1B Visa?

When employers are looking to obtain an H1B visa, there are a lot of steps involved in the process. Plus, they have to ensure that the petitioner meets the requirements, which includes 12 points added up based on college degrees and work experience. They are awarded one point for each year of work experience and three points for each year of college. Those who hire the best visa lawyer Los Angeles offers will have a much easier time getting through the process of obtaining this type of visa. 

Lawyers will also be able to help determine which type of visa is necessary, such as if someone needs an H1A visa or an L1 visa instead of the H1B. There are several types of visa and residency options for those who are going through the immigration process and it is important to understand which one is the right one based on the individual circumstances and situation. 

Another benefit of having a lawyer for H1B visa cases is that this has to be done by an employer. Thus, the employee will not be able to handle the legalities and logistics. The employer has a business to run and doesn’t need to waste valuable time trying to navigate the legal process involved with visa applications and immigration. By choosing the best immigration lawyer Los Angeles has to offer, companies will be able to get back to business and leave the legal work to the pros. 

Not only that, but H1B visas are issued in limited supply each year, so having a lawyer can help people ensure a better chance at earning theirs when the competition is stiff. 

Taking the time to do research on immigration attorneys, ask questions and read reviews or ask for referrals can help lead to the best possible long-term outcome in the immigration process.