Activities You Can Partake In Under The B1 Visa


Many people know that the B1 visa is used for business-related travel to the United States on a temporary basis. However, there is a lot of confusion around the type of activities that a B1 visitor may engage in. The most commonly known activities are:

  1. Consult with business associates;
  2. Attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference;
  3. Settle an estate;
  4. Negotiate a contract; and
  5. Participate in short term training.

To provide an example, individuals who intend to invest in the US will use the B1 visa to explore their options, negotiate contracts, conduct research, and purchase business related materials/goods. These are all authorized activities.

One of the most important factors that is highly scrutinized is whether the B1 visitor receives a salary or payment form a US based company/entity while in the US. For instance, professional athletes may enter the US to participate in a tournament or sporting event but are not allowed to receive a salary or income from a US based company/entity, other than the prize money.

Getting an immigration attorney who can help you navigate this process is very important because engaging in unauthorized activities under a B1 can have detrimental effects on your current and future immigration status. Give us a call so that we can properly assess you case and help you obtain your B1 visa.