Tania Villa

- Senior Paralegal

Tania is a classic first generation Angeleno. Coming from a large family of successful women Tania set herself apart by forging new avenues at home first and then out in the world at large. At home she is known for her innovative cooking, her style advice and her penchant for all things new and fun. While her mother helped her learn traditional cooking, Tania took it to a new level with her specialty cake pops and birra tacos (though her mom would dispute who has better birra tacos).

As a paralegal Tania has handled all types of cases, good and bad – she knows what it takes to make a winning package. From the early days at a law office, Tania was charged with developing immigration packages for employment cases. She has trained in all aspect of immigration and helped clients from all over the world. Tania prides herself on getting the US. Consulate in Mexico to approve her E1/E2 cases and has helped clients organize and file complex H1b, O1 and PERM cases. Tania’s experience working with the Department of Labor on PERM audits is invaluable to our firm.

Tania enjoys immigration work and is available to answer your questions if she can – she will probably tell you to talk to the attorney!