The GIG Law firm is founded on the principle that not all cases are alike and each case requires a careful case plan rooted in strong narratives and innovative solutions. We believe that this can be achieved through our team structure and reliance on experience when a case may not be picture perfect.

As a team our philosophy is to provide each client with a tailored plan, creating a new focus and developing strategies that depart from the standard cut and paste style of immigration. Fortunately, our team members have years of experience undertaking new avenues and case theories that have ultimately resulted in successful outcomes for our clients. We strive to bring this combined experience to bear in your case.

Our team has faced many challenges over the years. We have experienced the ever-changing roller coaster ride that is called the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Service over four different Presidential administrations. This ride has been quite bumpy at times with unexpected turns and blind corners. In each instance our team has successfully adapted, investigated, and ventured into new territory to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. We believe that applying these lessons for each client is essential to getting an approval.

While not everyone has a difficult case, it is best to be careful rather than just be lucky. With that in mind we invite you to talk to any of our team members so that we can evaluate your case and give you our candid opinion. Give us a call!